Why Does It Take So Long?

I often envy other makers who can whip out a new product within minutes. Sometimes I wonder if I should take up a new craft because truthfully, a wallet can take me anywhere from hours to days to make. Why? For one, hand-stitching is a pretty tedious process. The thread tension, angle and pressure of the awl are just a few things that affects the stitches. Another process that requires time is the finishing of the edges. Instead of leaving a raw edge, time is used to hand-sand and refine the edges to a smooth finish. 

So why don't I just use machines? Because it's also the time put in that makes me appreciate every step of the process. It's not automated, it's not mass-produced, and it's not made carelessly. There's something special about making something that's been personally handled and taken care of every step of the way. So slow I may be, but slow to me is unique and understated. 

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  • Demetra Gayle Fountaine on

    Nice statement!!!! Love this, Michelle!!!

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