What's in Your Wallet?

I'm sure you've seen this person at the checkout stand before; a person fumbling around their wallet and digging through every pocket trying to pay the cashier with that one credit card or extra bill they just know is there, but can't find. Their wallet is probably filled with old receipts, gift cards, stamp cards (with one punch), coupons and expired membership cards. I don't know about you, but watching this person makes me feel stressed because at one point or another, we've all been there. 

Let's be honest, most women's wallets are quite large. Long and bulky wallets are marketed towards women because they carry purses... I mean women's jean pockets were clearly not made to hold anything. When I used to carry a large zipper wallet, I realized that having such a large wallet made me want to fill it. Not because I particularly used every card in there, but because it was full and made my wallet appear more useful. Eventually, I realized I was carrying this heavy wallet while only using 20% of it contents. I can certainly tell you that the additional weight on my shoulder wasn't worth it. 

Part of the reason why I wanted to make wallets was because of the lack of smaller options out there. In fact, I used to carry a men's wallet because they were just so much more accessible and portable. A cleaner wallet will not only save you time at the checkout stand, but reduce the amount of things you carry every day. Now that's a weight off your shoulders!  


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