What it means to have a leather lined product.

In clothing, lining usually means a thin material is used on the back side of the fabric so that the “wrong” side of the fabric does not show. Due to the thicknesses of leather, many products come unlined; meaning only one layer is used and the suede side shows in the interior. Our custom belts come in a single thick layer with a suede side that has been treated and smoothed down to maintain and protect its integrity. 

An item that is fully lined or leather lined means that there is a lining so that the suede side doesn’t show. Here at MIRAKI, with the exception of our belts, all of our products are leather lined. Another layer of leather covers the interior so that it is essentially reversible. The interior of a pocket will look and feel the same as it does outside. This gives our products an added layer of durability and a sophisticated look and feel. 

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