Finished Edges on Your Leather Goods

Unlike fabric, leather will not fray after being cut, but it can still be worn down over time. In the photo, the left half displays an unfinished edge. The right half, displays finished edges that have went through a hand sanding process that creates a cleaner and more polished look. Since our products are leather lined, a finished edge seals the layers and protects it from elements and separating over time. 

Most big box brands (factories) use a form of acrylic paint to do a thick coat on the edges, which results in it peeling over time. Here at Miraki, a dye is used, ensuring that the edges will hold up and not flake off. There is nothing to peel away even if you tried.

Of course, over time the wax and ink will wear off and a touch up will be needed to replenish the edges. If you have a Miraki product and would like an edge touch up, I would be happy to do that free of charge. Just cover the cost of shipping! 

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