Spring Cleaning in the Fall

As the fall weather approaches, it's time I go through my closet and get rid of the things I no longer want from the summer season. In fact, I try to make a habit of doing this at the end of every season to slim down my closet and reduce a large build up, as opposed to doing it once a year. While I am far from having a capsule or minimalist wardrobe, every purge gets me one step closer. 

In a society where we are encouraged to acquire things, it's easy accumulate and continually replace one lackluster item with another. When we overlook the quality over price, we end up with an abundance of things we just sort of like. Believe it or not, clutter is stressful. Being more mindful of the quality of the items we buy or keep around us can not only alleviate our need for more space, but in the long run, our wallets. 

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