Practical Gifts For Dad

A short gift guide that has nothing to do with BBQ, tools, or beer. You may have the world's greatest dad, but I promise you he doesn't need a mug to remind him. For someone who's hard to shop for and "doesn't need anything", what could you possibly get him? Probably something that's personal and he often overlooks.  


A travel wallet. No, I'm not talking about a fanny pack or those atrocities people wear around the necks underneath their clothes. I'm talking about a small wallet slim enough to fit just the necessities when they're out and about. The Sunset wallet has two pockets and will slip easily in their front pockets so they can focus on sightseeing, and not their kangaroo pouch. 

Sunset Travel Wallet For Dad


I don't know about your dad, but my dad used to wait until his belt split into three different layers and disintegrated before he finally remembered to get a new one. Our belts are made with a single thick layer of leather and therefore, will not split after years of use. Paired with brass hardware, these belts will just about last a lifetime.

Leather Belt For Dad


This one's a bit personal and may require a bit of sleuthing, but an everyday wallet. Fat wallets are out....and so is cash. If he hasn't had time to Marie Kondo his wallet yet, here's his chance. Our Hunter's Bifold is our biggest wallet, and a good transition wallet to get him to trim down.  

Make it extra personal by getting a personalized stamp. There's nothing like a branded leather product to make him feel extra classy. Still not sure what to get him? You can browse our Ready to Ship section and have it sent to him in no time. 

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