A Mini Lesson in Leather

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the leather seen on horse saddles versus the luxury designer brands?

You would think all leather was created equally, but in fact there’s actually many variations in animal type, grade (quality) and thicknesses, just to name a few. To make it as simple as possible, there are three major types of leather: vegetable (veg), chromexel (chrome) and aniline. Tanning is the process that takes the animal skin from its original form and turns it into the leather you see today.

  • Veg Tanned Leather: The oldest form of leather and is much thicker and stiffer. Used in western styled leather goods or various accessories. If it's some form of brown or black and thick, this is it! 
  • Chrome Tanned Leather: Most widely used form of leather. Used in clothing, bags, and various accessories as it is softer and thinner to work with.
  • Aniline Tanned Leather: Uses a combination of both veg and chrome leather tanning techniques. Can be used for both thick and thinner leathers.

So can you guess which type of leather we use?

As of date, all of the leather used in the collection are aniline tanned and come from Europe, which arguably, hold a higher standard to leather manufacturing processes and conditions. The leather we use come pigmented in beautiful colors and will change over the course of use. You can view more products here

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