Are Minimalist Wallets Secure?

Will my stuff fall out of the minimalist wallets? 

Short answer, no. For those who are used to the traditional bifold or trifold wallet, a minimalist wallet can seem unsecure without its extra layers. My wallets are made for the minimalist, carrying their most essential cards. The leathers used here are strong and not made to stretch easily, as some garment leathers do. All wallets are also lined with leather, which makes it extra durable and more difficult to stretch. 

Leather, as you probably already know, stretches over time. You can overstretch the wallet by initially putting 12 credit cards in a wallet and later decide to condense down to two. Unfortunately, once you overstretch it for a period of time, it may lose its original shape.

A brand new minimalist wallet will fit one credit card snug and tight, without the threat of it falling out. So unless you tend to vary drastically in the amount of items you have in your wallet, your items are safe inside the minimalist wallets. 

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